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We are committed to sharing the rejuvenating practices of AYURVEDA and YOGA with you! 
We are here to help you experience true wellness, thrive and live your bliss! 
>Romee May< 
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Come in and join us any time. Visitors always welcome :)
Feel relaxed, centered and rejuvenated at the end of class! 
Our ideal selves are already within us, just waiting to be awakened. Our only task is to relinquish the luggage of life and accept what was there from the start: The light in our hearts and the power within. 
(Quote by Baron Baptiste)

I feel happy when my body feels good. The practices of Yoga and Ayurveda awaken you and all your energy systems. Joy, strength, flexibility, clarity, peace and love naturally awaken and spill into your everyday life. How do you move through your life? What nurtures & inspires you? What makes you happy?
Your place for Yoga in Boothbay Harbor since 2003
We welcome visitors and beginners into our bright and cheerful studio with skylights and polished wooden floors.Over 22 years of experience and high quality instruction. We give personal attention to every student in the room. We offer YOGA FLOW or Vinyasa Yoga for all ability levels and GENTLE & BEGINNING YOGA
 All Yoga props and mats provided free of charge. Shower available!  

Private sessions available - Shiatsu/Thai Yoga massage - Ayurveda consultations
Restorative Yoga with Ayurvedic Oiling of Your Feet
with Romee May

Friday, February 12 from 5 - 7pm
Cost: $30.00

Please RSVP ahead of time. Space is limited to 10 participants or call Romee (207)380-6975

Please bring a blanket. Eat light and wear comfortable clothing.
Experience this deeply nourishing time for self care! We will cleans and pamper our feet and be oiling them with warm herbal essences infused Ayurvedic oils. Indulge in your senses with the Aromatherapy and gentle self massage of your feet. Than relax deeply into several restorative Yoga poses to open the muscles, joints and tendons to release deep seated stagnant energy and pain. Ayurveda means the wisdom or knowledge for life and longevity. Oiling the feet is called Abhyanga and means loving hands. 
Enjoy an evening of Ayurvedic Abhyanga for rejuvenation and longevity!
New Students
$29 for
3 Classes

No snow cancellations
All classes are on schedule!